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April 28th, 2011

sleepy Elle

Last night there were storms!  Yes yes there were! The tornadoes, the lightening (one rumor was 55 strikes in 10 minutes), and the hail. Did I mention hail?

So I lost power at about 10:30. After listlessiy studying my flashcards, I figured I'd go to bed at midnight.  At 2:14 A.M. I woke up to find that the power is back on. Like any good millenial I sit upright, lean forward, and check my email that is located in my laptop at the foot of my sleeping mat.

I suppose I am popular with the nocturnal crowd because instantly Eli and Jusis IM me. Eli with a web cam and Justis with text. I talk to them for a few minutes, explaining that the power has come back on after the storm and that  I am going to go back to sleep. I have no idea what Eli heard but when  I woke up this morning the remnants of this lovely exchange were on my computer.

Justis: hi :)
you got power back, eh?

me: bit woke up

Justis: you were asleep?
iirc, you have an exam tomorrow?

me: yeah fun time
exam tomorrow

Justis: indeed

me: power big storm
power goes out

Justis: i hope you kick the exam's ass

me: ty
bed now

Justis: sleep well
and good luck

me: thanks

Those of you who have had the honor to be in my presence when I am waking up are no doubt aware that my dreaming state seems to linger a few pleasant minutes into my moving around & talking state. However, this is the first time I've ever seen the evidence.  It amused me and made me chuckle all day.

April 26th, 2011

The rest stop on mile marker 139 going westbound on I-85 has an attendent (or just a guy who hangs out there who knows) who I would recomend avoidng.

I was traveling alone and he started to talk to me asking if I was married and then if I had kids. Then he was asking if I "had people in my car" i.e. was traveling alone. This was 9 p.m. at night and there weren't many people around.

I'm not going there alone again. This is a heads up to any other travelers.

April 22nd, 2011

Collected Thoughts

 Do you ever have one of those days where you are bored and then a bunch of things happen all at once and it takes a while to even decide what happenedt?

I emailed mom at work, she seemed off. I remembered she'd talked to her sister yesterday and I wondered if she'd heard upsetting news. I emailed said sister to ask.

Then I was very bored at work for hours. Afterwards I went off to go get my tires aligned and an oil change. I got lost because googlemaps undershot the location by 4 miles, but I got there. I wanted to do homework while I waited but after about 2 minutes of that I decided to call my grandmother instead. She had a stroke about a month ago, and I only found out last week (weird huh? I could write a book on this woman).

So grandma is relatively ok, we chit chat, and she mentions going to the eye doctor. Then the mechanic shows up.

I hang up and he informs me that I need the ball socket thing on my tires and would I like them to do it. I beg off to call Eli and confirm that this part actually exists. I say sure and then go to sit down and do homework while I wait.

Ring Ring. Aunt on the phone.

She said she got my email and explains that my mom is really really lonely. Up to this point I'd basicly been in willful denial that it was easter weekend. I can't go down to NC and do anything festive and rather then be sad I just don't think about it. So it hadn't occurred to me that this is the first Easter without my dad for my mom and I....and I'm not there with her.

My aunt then goes to tell me that my grandmother is basicly blind (remember how she mentioned going to the eye doctor?). We talk a bit, my aunt is really really upset. Then the mechanic shows up to say that my tires are very beat up and old. I brush him off. After he leaves I just start rambling to my aunt about how I hate buying tires, the threads aren't showing yet, my car has expensive tires etc etc My aunt then offers to pay for new tires for me if I get them. I almost cry in the parking lot at this point. My aunt is the kind of person that I have to keep myself from commenting on things I like because she might buy them for me and I should have been more careful. But I really could use the tires. I told the mechanic to put them on.

Then I go home. I should also mention that yesterday my friend lost a job she had been pouring herself into, and I'm just a bit overwhelmed. At this point my mind is on some kind of emotional over sensory load. Another friend sent me a really cute picture of a dog, and it just all seems happy. Then I start to talk to him about the picture and I realize my ability to chat is shot to hell. Brain Can Not Work. I try vainly to carry on the flow of conversation and then beg off to go nap and collect my thoughts.

March 24th, 2011

(no subject)

 Preemptive apology o all my loved ones:
The next 5 weeks are going to be a mess of studying and me going through my lovely stress freak outs that I'm sure many of you know and love.

If I am not around, go quiet during convos, or seem to be avoiding you I'm sorry. Know that I care and would much rather be with you, but that for the month of April my time belongs to UNC-CH.

March 20th, 2011

(no subject)


whole story and rant at black board, but I passed.

gonna go drink coca and watch the sunset or something.

February 20th, 2011

(no subject)

 read 3.5 chapters for my research design class

did 3 objectives for my midterm

compiled a list of my sources so far

tried the water color kit Jeff gave me for xmass

ate well

and my enthusiasm for moss is growing.

So much better today.

February 19th, 2011


 So I should update from the angsty post last night.

Woke up slowly, the best way to wake up.

Got a text from the poi boy telling me there's a meeting in the park. I then roll over to the laptop and check my email. Internet down again.  It also appears that I may not be able to buy another internet connection *cough*monopoly*cough*.  

The poi meetup was great. Talked to some lovely people. Apparently carrboro of all places is the hula hooping capital of the east coast orr something (poi and hula hoops are both part of "flow dancing") so they actually knew where I was from. I talked to some nice european man who like rainbows about weaver street. It was great fun.

I'm getting better at tying my monkey fist knott, and may make some new poi out of that as well.

All good, and I have internet for a bit more.

Also, playing some more with my terrarium project, may post pictures later.

Wouldn't you know the first wedding site I go to I stumble on because of it's gardening section?

February 11th, 2011

(no subject)

 My brain, seriously wtf guys?

First night where I go to bed at a semi reasonable hour.

I dream that my high school crush is in trouble, off to the rescue! My cousin is in trouble, off to the rescue!

Oh shit we are drowning, i rescue her. At one point I realize I dropped her, and I make my dream go back so I use a lifeguard carry, does that count as lucid dreaming?

Also, there are poisoned stuffed jalapeno peppers at one point?

Then I wake up with one singular scary horrible thought in my head

.... I left 40 bucks at the grocery store.

Nothing leading to this, not in the dream in the least, but it's what is singing through my head this morning.

This upsets me so much I call Eli, freak out, and decide to throw all chance of me going back to sleep to go outside and check my wallet in the car. The 40 bucks is there.  Only now what do I do about sleep?

Seriously brain, wtf?

February 3rd, 2011


 When I was a kid I wanted to save the earth.

Now I'm thinking about that, the problem is I never knew how, or what even to save the earth from.

If there had been a clear path I might have gone towards it. Botany didn't work because I realized the academic life wasn't for me and I just wanted to work, but is career the only way?

I'm such a horrible activist, I can't even go to move on protests when they are 2 block from my house. sigh.

How would you save the world?

January 16th, 2011

I love slactivist

I'm putting this here because I read it on slacktivist and it made me happy
cutCollapse )
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